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Is this an "update"? Is this new info? Beats me!

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  • Is this an "update"? Is this new info? Beats me!

    This was posted by "Edwin M" on BMD's forum:

    "The situation right now is exactly the same as at IBC.
    We released some cameras into the market pre-IBC with 7x units being delivered to beta-testers and all the remainder of this production batch going to IBC. Those cameras remaining after IBC were allocated to Blackmagic sales teams to enable demonstrations at the 40+ events we will cover in the next 2-months and the extra units were released to some Distribution partners to enable them to demonstrate at the reseller events in their countries. No resellers have been supplied sale or demo cameras at this stage."

    "The beta-testers helped us to sign-off the product as finished and therefore move into mass production. As we went into production, we were let down by some component suppliers which has effectively meant no further production has happened. Having received components, we started manufacturing but our own QC was failing most of the cameras. After a long process we discovered the issue was the glass that was being used to protect the sensor. I can completely understand your frustration with this! We are receiving emails and update requests every day from the reseller channel.
    Rob - Senior Sales Manager EMEA"

    [And included this link:]

    I have no idea if this is genuine, official, or even "new" info. Anyone?

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    Well MrBeck does have a camera and as far as I know he just bought it as we have done. So I think is a little bit outdated.


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      Isnt this exactly what Grant Petty posted on the 26th of sept?? I see no new info....
      Tom Majerski
      Cinematographer / Photographer / CGI Artist / Filmmaker


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        Originally posted by Tom View Post
        Isnt this exactly what Grant Petty posted on the 26th of sept?? I see no new info....

        +1 it's just a reiteration of what Grant Petty has said previously.


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          I also suspect it's not a "new" update, and that it was probably originally posted just after Grant posted his letter.

          However, the numbers in the post above might be new, or at least they're new to me, so maybe it's good to have them posted here, too, for posterity.




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            As I suspected no BMC actually went into production. The very few that "ordinary customers" have whether it came from proper retail channels or not were extras that came off the same batch as the demos.
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