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    I really need that 60p option.. so a BMMC + VA = $1500 is sweet. Maybe throw in a cage for $100+. Also Sandisk 95mb/s 128Gb cars now for $109...

    ill have to wait for a Ursa Mini 2 next year or 2017. Maybe by then the Cfcards has decreased in price... still $799 for a 128gb card


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      Originally posted by Liszön! View Post
      The great thing is that I can use mostly all my BMPCC accessories with the Micro as well.
      The Tilta/Camtree shoulder mount, rod support, Zacuto EVF, iRig Pre and probably the Metabones Speed Booster too.. All should work fine.

      For example I could sell my backup Pocket body, spend some extra on the Micro but in exchange I get 60FPS, a full sized HDMI port (which is hopefully less fragile..) also a global shutter switch and a better battery solution. And did I mention 60FPS? FINALLY!
      For me the BMPCC's screen was basically useless, I kept it on 30% brightness to save power. I only used it to change settings.

      Also the HDMI port is on the right hand side now, so the microHDMI->HDMI adaptor won't be in my ear any more

      Only a few things I don't know: Does the 60p mode work in RAW and what cards do we need to record it? Only the latest Sandisk Extreme Pro's make sense with the 250MB/s write speed.
      Not only that, everything seems to be in a better position then it was for the Pocket. For the Pocket, you'd have to remove it off the tripod just to get at the battery and the SD card. While with the Micro, it's more accessible.

      The Pocket is still a cheaper option, since you can get them used, and they at least come with a screen. The Micro requires you buy one, which raises it's price if you don't have one.

      I might own both. Use the Micro as the A camera (because I'll be using the Global shutter, 60 frames, and rotating LCD external monitor) and the Pocket as a B camera, or a travel light camera.


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        I have an amazing rig idea for the BMMCC or the BMMSC that attaches the camera body (or head) to the SmallHD 502 that gives it a similar form factor to the BMCC but shorter and deeper, imagine a smaller FS100 form factor with a monitor on the back. Ideally it would also add XLR's and a single battery to power everything. Throw a BMPCC Speed Booster on it and you'd have a near Super35, up to ISO 1250 (after 1 2/3 stop gain), 1080 or 4K modular camera with an amazing 1080 screen, 60p, up to 13 stops, Global shutter option, LUT's, etc. I think my Rig idea could be made for under $500, making the complete set up in the ballpark of $2,600 to $2,700 plus the Speed Booster. I know total this is around the price off the URSA Mini with the EF mount and the 4K sensor, but the fact that it is modular and can come apart makes the idea intriguing. Plus many of us already have the Speed Booster and/or plan on getting the SmallHD 502 anyway. Has anyone every done the Co-Design thing at
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          Hey Brian,

          This thing is going to need a fairly comprehensive cage design concept that's going to be a little more complex than a block of aluminum with a bunch of holes in it. I'm trying to figure out how to integrate the 502 in a way that allows both monitor and VF configurations as well as creating a place to actually hold on to the damn thing without looking like a lego technic project. The 502 may be a little rich for me so I'm also looking at the new BM 5" but 135 degree viewing angle is not encouraging. I'm not big on handheld but it needs to be possible.

          I went through the Smallrig co-design process and it was cool but the product has been sitting in co-design limbo for at least 6 months, I doubt it will see the light of day. I think the micro would have to see pretty good sales numbers before they'd commit to a camera specific cage.

          I could throw this thing on my tripod rig right now and be off to the races, but global shutter and handheld is like Oreos and milk. Still holding my breath for a late pocket 2 announcement.


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            Originally posted by misterkofa View Post
            With all the remote monitoring features built in (capable), it shouldn't take someone long to figure out how to use this thing with my iphone.

            I like the fact I can order one of these, bolt it on to my cage and I've got a B cam easy.

            Still, the URSA mini has my heart more. But talking strictly numbers here... paying $995 for a global sensor and 60p isn't that bad..

            This is actually a great point - someone could make a little unit that had wifi or bluetooth so you could control/monitor from say an iPhone 6+, which would mean developers could make any number of apps and custom interfaces for it just like they do with camera apps for the phone.
            That's something I was dreaming about for awhile - letting control of the interface go to third parties so an ecosystem opens up and people innovate. Camera interfaces are mostly garbage and I wanted to see design-focused teams take that over. I cared about it a little less when BM's stuff came out just because I thought the interfaces they came up with were pretty nice - but the thought of snapping a nice big iPhone (or iPad) to one of these cameras and choosing a number of different apps to control it is rekindling that interest and getting me a little giddy right now...

            Opens up some REAL geeky possibilities in the future - imagine setting up a 3D rig with a couple of these, putting it on a remote controlled motorized gimbal, and having the whole rig controlled by a 3d headset like an oculus rift so it mimics your head movements! And you get to monitor in 3D like you're right there!! Not sure of the application I'm just dreaming out loud

            This could open up a really cool hobbyist ecosystem....I hope they continue to open-source things like this. I love BM more and more every year, they are a rare kind of company - hope others follow suit


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              One thing I noticed about the Micro and the Video assist in this picture, is that you could mount the Video Assist to a tripod, and have both the Camera and the External Mic Mounted on top of it.


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                I just sent my rig idea to SmallRig. I'll let people know how the Co-Design process goes.


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                  The more I look at the specs the more I want I think once the dust settles and we see all the new gimbals like the one handle Nebula 4000 (and whatever is new like it) this might be a perfect gimbal shot camera - I like how it's a cube basically looks easy to balance. Things I am looking for in the NAB coverage:

                  1-will the BMPCC speedbooster work on both the cinema and studio? maybe not the studio because of the different chip - perhaps the normal BMC speedbooster will work on the studio?
                  2-I'm assuming the studio does not shoot global shutter in any mode in 1080P correct?
                  3- I'm assuming the picture of it on the Phantom is a photoshop - hoping they or DJI or working on a gimbal for the Inspire, they are probably working on one for the S1000, 900
                  4-and like everyone I'm picturing which monitor and rig this could work on. I haven't bought a Shogun yet, still have my Ninja 2 and DP4...the SmallHD 502 with the sidefinder looks perfect though, can just sit the left of the body with a plate or arm or rig

                  I'm really enjoying the Sony A7s with slog but...something about the picture from my pocket I can't just walk away from it yet
                  fun times!