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Avengers 2 shot with BMPCC

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    Originally posted by Logan Gee View Post
    What lens is that on the back cam? Anyone know?
    My guess is that it is the Samyang 7.5mm M4/3 Fisheye?

    There's another photo on their FB page that kind of looks similar. I'm trying to think of other lenses that have a red ring around them (Looks too small to be a Canon L Series or Cine Lens)


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      I do not think RED is in the spirit of film at all.

      It has it's own look.

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        Agreed, but it doesn't take a lot to get it 'there'.


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          Originally posted by kiliksun View Post
          And there's no doubt Sony and Panasonic put out amazing images. It's just a different aesthetic. We'll be shooting a training dvd (pool) soon and we opted for the gh4 because of that exact reason.
          With depends on the Sony camera...Panavision Genesis, F25/35, and F65 are very filmic to me. The Fs700, F5/55, etc is much more HD than film. Really depends on which team of white lab coats Sony sticks on the project.


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            It looks as if the Mythbusters team are going to be utilizing both the BMPCC and the FS700 (I'm sure a Sony user will correct me there) as well as GoPro's for the next season of their show.

            The next time I have a client complain that my camera "doesn't look big enough to be pro" I'll remind them that a respected TV show use them to shoot their episodes, and now that major Hollywood films also use them as B-cams.
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