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BMPCC Battery/Power quirk - normal or issue?

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  • BMPCC Battery/Power quirk - normal or issue?


    I sold my BMPCC a while back, missed it, so got another one recently. Doh but that little guy is something alright.

    Anyway, received the new one and some new batteries and have noticed a quirk, I thought I'd run it by everyone to make sure it's ok before I send it back.

    I kept having trouble with powering the camera on - I would hold down the power button and nothing would happen and the screen would just flash purple for a fraction of a second and nothing. Rinse and repeat and I'm getting frustrated. Would happen with different batteries etc.

    Then I noticed, weirdly, that if I didn't hold the power button down as long, then the camera would turn on.

    So if I press the button for <1 second, nothing happens.
    If I press it from between 1 and 2 seconds, and release, the camera comes on as expected.
    If I press it for >2 seconds (and release or not) then it flashes purple and nothing happens.

    Weird. To turn it off I have to press and hold for >2 seconds before it goes off.

    I'm going to test the battery run down but I thought I'd check if others have noticed this and, as I said, if it's a fault or just a quirk to be conscious of. Thanks!

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    Press the power button on the bottom right of the back panel. The status strip will appear along the bottom of the LCD.
    Press and hold the power button to switch off the camera. Congratulations! You are now ready to insert an SD card and start recording!


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      Yes, that is a quirk that is present on some cameras. I thought something was wrong with my camera but I've learned to live with it. It isn't present on my friend's BMPCC. What happens is that the camera turns on and it detects that the power button has been pressed for a while and it interprets that as a signal to turn off. It's weird.


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        I have a somewhat related problem with my pocket cam.
        When turning the camera off, if I hold it down too long,
        it ends up powering back up. So the duration of the
        press is critical.


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          I have found that even with the camera plugged in overnight, none of my batteries ever charge fully. They are all brand new blackmagic batteries from B&H


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            Ok cool, looks like it's just a quirk whereby some cameras need the right amount of press. As long as it's nothing something to mess up a production, just something to be conscious of, that's cool.