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  • Multiple BlackMagic device PSU

    Hi, I have a number of HyperDeck Studios in a 19" rack cabinet. I run a length of high-quality SDI cable to each unit (25m max length) from a series of BMCCs. What I'd like to do is run a length of power cable possibly attached to the SDI cable to power each camera from the same rack cabinet. This brings up two questions:

    1) Would there be any interference problems / voltage drop in running a power cable taped to an SDI cable for about 25 metres

    2) Does anyone know of any reliable multi-output 12v DC power blocks that could sit in the cabinet and power say, two blackmagic cinema cameras and one smartview duo rackmount monitor from one UK socket?

    Hopefully this makes sense, and you can see what I want to do. It's a pain turning up to do a multi-camera shoot, and either taking large batteries for each camera, or trying to locate the cameras next to power sockets. As we all know, the in-built batteries only last about 4 - 6 seconds!! My dream solution would be to place my rack cabinet down next to the power source and then run a cable snake out to each camera which includes the SDI feed, Power cable and probably an audio cable as well taking a mix from the desk for syncing up later.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :-)

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    1. No problems.
    2. I'm sure they exist but why, couldn't you just use a power strip and extend the dc cables?

    Here's a 19" rackmount

    Good Luck



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      You will get voltage drop (and amperage load increase if memory serves) if you try to run DC that far. You really would be better off running the AC power to the camera and using the brick it came with.
      -Michael Beck


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        I was mistaken, mbeck is correct, there is much more line loss than I anticipated. Here is a handy calculator that figures line loss. If you still want to run dc to the camera (to keep things clean for the operator) you'd be better off using a 24v power supply as opposed to the supplied adapter to offset the voltage drop from line loss. The bmcc can take anywhere from 12-30v so you'd be good unless you used micro thin cables.