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BMPCC Hand Grip/Strap with LANC

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  • BMPCC Hand Grip/Strap with LANC

    Hi all

    Call me crazy, but I want to get a shoulder mount, with follow focus for my left hand and an ENG/Camcorder style hand grip for my right - ideally with LANC, for my Blackmagic Pocket. I want this so I can hold the rig with my right hand when off my shoulder, for quick movement - and to be able to start/stop recording with the right hand grip/strap

    I can only find the Edelkrone Hand Grip online. It's the right form factor but no LANC. I don't want a pistol grip. I know there is the Titla handles, but they aren't really a horizontal holding position with a strap to secure the hand in.

    Does anyone have some solutions?

    ~The Captain

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    I went with the tilta handles. I tried it shoulder mounted (with the v-mount battery over the shoulder)
    and even used a monopod for stability. With all that extra rigging (incuding a mixpre) the tiny little
    bmpcc came in at 16lbs. It was not very ergonomic. Works great in the studio on a tripod though.
    For field work I'd want to use the non-rigged bmpcc handheld with my 14-45 w/ois and somehow
    find a way to get good audio without adding a lot of bulk to the system.


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      I use 1 tilta handle with chrosziel dv balancer. It is very ergonomic and useful together. Don't need any OIS with that support system.
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        You're not crazy. The pocket is essentially a sensor in a box and it should be treated as such. If you're going handheld, you want weight and contact points. The name of the game here is decreasing your chances of high frequency shakes (mirco-jitters) to nill. You want to think less about being 'ice-cold-steady' and more about the frame and movement. A properly balanced shoulder-mounted rig will help in this.

        The key to this is balance. It's incredibly important. The acid test (in my opinion) is the ability to let go of your handles and allow the camera to pivot/float on your shoulder solely. Move the camera lens mount as far back as you can on to your shoulder and counter balance (if you feel you need to).


        I find having focus at my finger tips to be enormously comfortable. Zacuto offers the z-drive with a ratcheting handle called the tornado. It's not bad, but it torques the rig far too much (i.e. you can see the slight twisting in the frame later). Using a sphere to cup with your palm and reaching your finders up to the wheel is a great work around. Not to mention it just feels better than clinching on to something.

        Same goes for the grip. It's far more comfortable to grip something that allows your hands to remain mostly opened. Again, if the camera is properly balanced, you won't even feel the weight in your hands. Your hands will simply guide the camera vs holding it up. Your shoulder will do most of the work, and trust, it'll feel like it weighs nothing at all if you do it right.

        Movcam just recently released a new version of the handgrip i have:

        also, if you're interested. Dop Sean Bobbit has a great video on proper hand-held work and its merits here:

        Totally Arri sponsored, but that's besides the point.
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          Other than the Edelkrone one there is also a Varavon version on ebay and Proaim/Filmcity/whatever else they are calling themselves these days do one as well. The only side grip I've seen with LANC is a Sony one (from FS100/700 from memory), I haven't seen it for separate sale but I've read people have been able to buy them from Sony direct on request as spare parts.

          The Edelkrone one is designed to mate with their modula products and as such might be a bit disappointing. It is solid metal, so comparatively heavy and doesn't have a guide pin so you will likely find the camera rotating on you as it inevitably loosens up. Edelkrone don't make a replacement mounting plate to give a solid mounting point. I find even the pro plate with guide pin on the modula to be less a less than solid mount until the lens is locked down with a lens support on the 15mm rails holding the camera straight. The indian copies and the Varavon both use designs that mount to 15mm rails rather than the baseplate and the Proaim at least will be lighter (looks like plastic) may work out better.

          Movcam make an affordable wooden grip with lanc start/stop which mounts on a rosette so it can be positioned at the same angle as these grips you are looking at. This is the same one as in the post above me. All the solutions I've researched that were better than these are boutique items going for between $500 and $800.


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            Ive been talking to Sony parts for months. They simply don't have the FS100/700 grips for sale. They are not an option.


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              As confirmed by multiple people on this forum: Sony grips do work on the Blackmagic design cameras BUT... only the iris and record start/stop works (which is often all people are looking for). You can find FS700 grips on Ebay occasionally if you keep your eyes open (i just picked on up for under $100). There is one for sale currently for a little under twice that, but it's been up for a while and maybe he'd take an offer.


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                Originally posted by kiliksun View Post
                awesome rig post
                man kilik your post was 10/10, I'm listening to the bobbit video atm. Your rig is inspiring, I really really like the wooden handles, the ball as a palm grip to leave your fingers free, everything.


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                  Cinegeras #1 solution most better fucka u Sony. After robmneilson.


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                      In case anyone missed my post over in the fs700 lanc thread. Here's a decent cheap solution from $20+ 18 (Shipping). Email them if you want to purchase it as its not on the site.

                      I do LOVE the wooden ones from kinogrip and movcam is nice...but for now my $$ can go elsewhere on more pressing stuff. I'll prob eventually get one down the line though.
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                        Is there at all any kind of LANC or other remote control device for the BM cameras that will let you adjust the iris up/down function and also start/stop? The closest I've come across is with the auto-iris function, but that's not really of interest.


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                          thanks everyone for the great advice, lots of cool options


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                            Just bought this one, made by Lanparte.
                            Waiting to test it, but it should work with the Pocket and the 2.5K


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                              Originally posted by Jtorrents View Post
                              Just bought this one, made by Lanparte.
                              Waiting to test it, but it should work with the Pocket and the 2.5K
                              interested in this!