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Playback of raw DNG after offload

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  • Playback of raw DNG after offload

    Hi everyone,

    Starting my first thread here - hope to soon be a proud owner of a BMCC!
    I've been leafing through the manual, and trying to find the answer to how
    we can verify the footage is 'safe' after offloading, i.e. do a playback
    to check for any dropped files?

    I suppose we could preview every frame with finder on OSX, but surely
    there must be a better way? After effects would take too long to render,
    and BM media express only does conversion to other formats?

    Please let me know if I missed something here!
    Thank you

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    Resolve? Cineform? FCPX?
    -Michael Beck


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      Ah thanks Michael! Forgot to add that I want to use my humble late 2011 MBP 13" as a data station if possible.
      Not sure if it can handle DNG in Resolve 9. Didn't know the other two programs could handle DNG formats, thanks for telling me.
      Did your camera arrive on your doorstep today?


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        Still waiting.. it says out for delivery..
        -Michael Beck


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          Ah! This is exciting! If I were in your shoes right now, I would be typing forum replies with binoculars in hand ready to spot the delivery van...


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            What about BMD Desktop Video? I really should test that.

            Ooops I meant Media Express.