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Which brand audio cables are you using, XLR, 3.5mm, etc

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  • Which brand audio cables are you using, XLR, 3.5mm, etc

    I am a complete audio noob. I got the Tascam DR-60D for $150 during the sale. Now I am about to get an XLR mic. I am looking for a few cables. I want a short cable (1-1.5ft) to connect XLR from the mic to XLR on the Tascam 60D. I will need phantom power. I also want a short cable to connect the 3.5mm line out from the Tascam to the mic jack on the BMPCC.

    I would also like the same cables but longer (4+ feet) to connect the mic, Tascam, and BMPCC when I have the Tascam in a backpack. Right angle connectors for the XLR would be nice too especially for connecting to the mic. I am looking for some US options as far as retailers. I am not looking to spend a ton of money but I want something with decent quality.

    The reason I am asking is I can't tell the snake oil from the quality. I honestly don't know how much or how little I should be spending. I am going to be recording mostly speech and ambient noise. I am not going to be doing high quality music recordings. I am a hobbyist so I don't need anything that needs to stand up to constant professional abuse... but it does need to be able to handle some back packing and field work.

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    For a short run it won't make a lot of difference on the cable but the connectors may. I generally build my own cables, Canare Star Quad cable and Neutrik connectors. Pro Co makes some decent inexpensive cables. It may be hard for you to find cables with right angled connectors locally but there are a lot of online retailers. Sweetwater has some good prices on cables. I'd recommend 1.5' for your shortest and you're probably looking at a 6' cable for your backpack applications. I'd consider getting a 10' cable instead of the 6'. It's easy to role the unused par and put it in your backpack but it also give you the option of a little more reach if you ever need it.
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      Thanks, glow.

      Yeah 4 ft might be too short. Canare Star Quad is something I've seen in my searches ad Neutrik has been mentioned on here. I don't know if I will actually make my own. Maybe I'll get some store bought ones on the cheap and get up the courage to make some later.

      So the 3.5 mm doesn't need to be anything special for a 6' run?


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        Personally, I don't see any advantage to spending a lot on a 3.5mm (mini) cable. There are some higher costs cables and mini connectors out there but you shouldn't be making very long runs with it anyway. A 6' run for the 3.5mm is no problem. The bigger concern would be the connector itself. The would probably be getter to get a right angled connector just so it won't take as much strain in your bag.