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  • Travel/Minimalistic kit advice

    I'm looking for some advice for a setup that would be good for travel,

    My criteria would be that I am only interested in available light, mostly tripod work, and bit of handheld, and also everything needs to be quite portable.

    So my questions would be, which tripod and head would you recommend? Manfrotto? - which model?
    Which ND filter?

    How manageable is the camera handheld? Can you make do without rigging it up?

    What would be a battery solution for travel where you may not have access to mains all the time?

    What would be a good SSD choice and capacity?

    I'm using a PC workstation, so is there anything I should know about the cameras compatibility? - I am not too familiar with thunderbolt.
    As far as lenses, I just have a canon 16-25 2.8 L, and a 50mm 1.8.


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    I think you will need a wider lens, 11-16 or something.

    Handheld comes IMO into two categories..

    -shot duration
    -standing eyeline.

    The handlebars should be OK for short shots/wide with the camera held low to your body.
    For eyeline interviews, longger takes, or longer lenses you will need a full rig



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      As far as I understand to get steady shots handheld without some kind of stabilization is to get the EF mount and hopefully in not too long they would get IS up and running. Or to get the mft mount and get a lens that's wide enough so to dampen camera shake. My dilemma is I need handheld stable shots, I don't want the EF but I don't want every shot to be widel either.


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        Get a brick or a 5d and practice.

        I guess you can hold it steady near your belly, or under your arm, but not out in front of your face.

        Hold for 30 seconds plus.