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  • Feedback On Various Pocket Accessories

    I'm very much a novice video maker. Incidentally, this site has been a tremendous resource of advice and help via the more active and experienced members.
    So I've spent the last 6 months or so reading this site and buying add ons for my 'pocket' camera, and yesterday started on a small personal project using all my purchases.
    I've been endeavouring to keep the Pocket rig small and portable. When I travel (often by air) I don't have room for a dedicated camera bag full of accessories. In addition, I generally make video for my own use, not for business clients.
    I have various lenses, including the Sigma 18-35 and Metabones Speedbooster. I have the Rode Video-Mic Pro, the Contineo cage, a Manfrotto mono-pod and the Zacuto Pocket specific loupe.
    The Zacuto, as someone on the site previously mentioned, only magnifies the shortcomings of the Pocket's monitor screen. I can sort of live with that. But in use yesterday I found it uncomfortable to work with. I guess I'm used to stills camera eyepieces, and not chunky viewers with thick rubber. But worst of all, I couldn't find any position that allowed me to see the full frame. With the rubber seated over my eye socket I found I was mostly viewing the centre image on the screen and had to refocus or move my head position to read the info at the bottom of the Pocket screen.
    In some ways using the Pocket screen alone was more ergonomic, but very hard to see detail in Australia's bright daylight. I guess I might need a dedicated monitor, but that takes away from my small Pocket set up.
    Using the in camera audio via the Rode mic, I found any time I slightly moved the mono pod the audio exhibited banging and rumbling. The Video Mic Pro has a rubber isolation set up, and I have the mic mounted on an external arm away from the camera body, but this apparently isn't good enough. I know the audio would most likely be scratch or occasional atmos at best, but still the audio was fine with the mono-pod very still, but when panning the rumbling was twice as loud as the ambient audio I was recording.
    I had long ago abandoned the Contineo cage, as it added significantly to the bulk and weight of the Pocket set up. Also with the Speedbooster and Zacuto I think there were issues with the space allowed by the Contineo. But I think a cage might help with the audio rumble, and I'd need to reinstate the cage to use a camera mounted monitor, instead of the Zacuto eyepiece.
    So I guess this is more of a FWIW type of review, as most of you are far more experienced than me.
    I'm not sure if the Pocket is ever going to be that small and portable for me unless i try a hand held (shoulder?) rig and persevere with the onboard screen or the Zacuto eyepiece.
    Otherwise I'll have to accept a larger, heavier portable rig using the cage, a small external monitor, and the video mic pro.