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The Dark Knight Rises Tribute Scene: Shot on BMCC

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  • The Dark Knight Rises Tribute Scene: Shot on BMCC

    Hey! I'm directing a shortfilm based on numerous comic-book movie adaptations. The short film is divided on 4 parts, the first one is a tribute scene of the stadium explosion seen in the Dark Knight Rises movie by Christopher Nolan. We decided to include this scene in our shortfilm since we are big fans of the movie and also it was a good challenge to take.

    All shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5k. Graded in After Effects, edited in Premiere.
    Lens used:
    Canon EF 24-105mm
    Canon EF 50mm f1.8
    Tamron 10-24mm

    It was my first time using the Black Magic Cinema Camera. I had to learn the workflow pretty fast and I can say it is pretty fun to grade, edit. The RAW files are really heavy but every MB is worth it.
    Tell me what you think!



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    Awesome work!

    Very filmic, and you nailed the field explosion. Especially when your actor turned around at the end.

    Was that a Man of Steel teaser at the end?


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      Hey, Ameer! Thank you very much!

      What do you mean with "man of steel teaser"?


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        Nice work dude.... te field explosion was awesome. Good use of Lens flare effects.
        Blackmagic enthusiast, Indie film activist

        BMCC EF, MOVI M10


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          Thank you very much!