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Quick question about charging!

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  • Quick question about charging!

    I've been a lurker of this forum for a while now, and my BMCC arrived a few weeks ahead of what I expected today, excited is putting it mildly.

    Now, I've plugged it into the DC charger to top up the internal battery, my question is that, on the LCD when plugged into the charger, it still shows as if it's running off the internal battery, and gives no indication of if it is charging or not. Is this just an issue with the firmware at the moment?


    I just realised I posted in the wrong section, can a mod move this please! Thanks!
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    You'll see a lightning bolt on the battery (like an iPhone) while it's charging. However, if it's fully charged it might let the battery run down a little before charging again. If it's showing less than 100% and no bolt, unplug/replug; it should charge up.
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      Yeah, I was thinking it would have an icon change like that. Seems there's an issue with it, had it plugged in for quite a while and the battery has dropped down to 50% whilst being plugged in. =S Unplugged and replugged a few times to make sure it was secure.

      UPDATE Problem Solved
      One of the connectors inside the plug was pushed in ever so slightly, which caused the pins not to touch completely. Pulled it back a little and all is well.
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