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  • First Music Video???

    Here's a couple of stills from a music video I shot in December beginning of January Simple work flow shot prores edited in FCPX to DaVinci.
    Can't show footage because artist music release date is February 16th. Anyway still getting my head around DaVinci I use Apple Color in a full suite in Japan so working on a laptop without a control surface is a pain in the a#@. I head back to Japan this Wednesday and will head down to Shibuya and film the crossing in raw and post some files. The camera perfect for me and my small side projects. We use Alexis and Epic at work so it's nice to throw the BMCC in the back pack and go film.
    d2.jpgkingstun.jpgtrubb 2.jpg

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    Nice Stills Learvis. Looking forward to seeing the rest.


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      Nice stills!! Sorry. Didn't mean to step on your toes. I did a bunch of searching before I claimed to shoot the first MV on BMC. I guess since yours isn't released yet, that would explain it. So in the future I'll clarify that mine is the first released, not shot.


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        As long as you all keep them coming, First second or whatever. Looks really good. That wide shot lacks detail somehow. Is that a focus issue, compression, or a softer wide lens?


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          Nice work! Which lenses did you use?