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    My wife rarely has the patience to let me shoot anything she's cooking, but I told her I would shoot fast. We made this little cooking video. I used one light with a softbox. I shot with the pocket 6K in bmraw. I must say, I love shooting in raw when I am in a hurry. If I don't quite nail exposure or white balance, I can easily fix it in post. The trick is not to clip the highlights. I also like using my Canon EF-S 17-55mm. She would have killed me if I started changing prime lenses.

    She even did the voice over for me (don't be critical of her, she's not a pro, but I appreciated her doing it). She just came up with this recipe that day and I really liked how the soup turned out. My stomach was happy, too (sometimes dairy can be a little rough on me).

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    I enjoyed the video and (as non-English-native) found the voiceover well done.
    Watching cooking videos can be so relaxing

    Good work you both!


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      Thank you. My wife will love the compliment about her voice over. We appreciate it!