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Pocket 6K for Stills/Photography?

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  • Pocket 6K for Stills/Photography?

    Before I bought the Pocket 6K, I asked you guys if the Pocket 6K was as good as a DSLR when taking still photos? I went out and did a test shoot. Here are the results:

    In my opinion, it does pretty good because of its RAW capabilities and because the resolution of the image is pretty high. Its biggest issue is the lack of autofocus. I photographed my son and he's always on the move. Continuous Autofocus would have helped a lot, but in situations where he wasn't moving around a lot and I had time to nail manual focus, the results were pretty good.

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    I use BMMCC for stills. HD is more than enough for web delivery.
    The main difference between real digital photo camera and BM cameras is mechanical vs electronic shutter. Electronic shutter always produce rolling shutter effects and artifacts from photo flashes.
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      That’s a great point.


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        Your photos look great. And agreed, I use my BMPC4K for stills all the time. I get pretty impressive results shooting in Raw