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6k full frame?

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  • 6k full frame?

    So looking forward if BM moves to full frame next year in a new Ursa or something else I really hope they offer a 6k option rather than just jumping to 8k.

    I've been reading up a bit on the available sensors that ZCam and Kinefinity are offering, same family as the P6k , and the 6k seems to be the sweet spot in terms of usability, frame rates, data rates, crop modes etc. 4k crops would be in super35 territory rather than dropping down to MFT. Down sample nicely to 4k delivery and if 8k delivery ever becomes a thing I'm sure it would upres well enough that no one could tell the difference.

    They could have really jumped the shark if it was in the P6k now. And probably no reason why that couldn't be possible later as they are Sony alpha sensors used to living in small bodies.

    Anyway I think if I was going to step up to 6k, I'd want a full frame 135 sensor, that would make the workflow worth while.

    Oops no footage here, sorry, meant to post in general discussion.
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