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  • A simple favor.


    I own the original pocket and my lenses' longest focal length is 70mm. I think I fall short on the long end and I'm considering getting a 70-200, ideally the Angenieux (to match the softer look of my 17.5-70), but probably the Canon.
    However, I'm not sure how much of a tighter field of view I would get, so, before I purchase it, would any of you guys, who owns the og pocket and a 70mm and 200mm lens (and a tripod ), please post two frames from the same point if view, one at 70mm and the other at 200mm (no focal reducer, please)?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I hope someone fulfills your request, but 200mm on that Pocket (or any similar sensor size for that matter) wouldn't be used by too many people besides sports/nature/etc. individuals...anyone from a far distance looking for a close-up or even a medium shot.


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        Maybe try to use some online focal length simulator like ? BMPCC S16 sensor is very close to 1"
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          If you take an image shot 70mm and do a post zoom of 3x you'll be in the ballpark of the framing, depth of field characteristics will be different of course. It's going to be like using a 600mm on a full frame camera, you'll probably rarely use it, but when you need it you'll be glad you have it.

          Also you don't necessarily need an expensive f2.8 lens unless you are doing back of the room theatre stuff, old school f5.6 kit zooms can be had for nearly nothing and are fine for shooting outside, DOF at the long end is still pretty shallow.


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            Thank you, shijan and dop16mm.

            I don't know how accurate that simulator is, but it looks like a great tool.