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Paris is Us | Netflix - Shot on BMPCC

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  • Paris is Us | Netflix - Shot on BMPCC

    I'm not invloved with this film that can be seen on Netflix, but I read the No Film School article and saw that it was shot on the BMPCC (original). The article incorrectly mentions the BMPCC4K, but based on the timeframe of when they started shooting (2014) they must have meant the BMPCC (original).

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    I gave this a watch and was reasonably impressed. My biggest takeaway is what we've all known for a while is that this camera can produce results that look like a real film, in this case low budget improv indie. For this film a better camera would not have made for a better film, it maybe would have been worse due to limitations.

    I honestly don't get the obsession with iPhone movies, as they always look like they are shot on iPhone, even if 4k they will not be as cinematic as the classic pocket. Same with 8 bit dslr. Sure they have larger sensors, but that isn't everything.

    In 2019 if you are willing to forgo 4k, which you really don't need for festivals, you can fully rig a used pocket for about the price of an iPhone x that's pretty cool I think.


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      Love the BMPCC but moving on to the BMP4K. Although we shoot in 4K with the UMP and BMP4K, we deliver in 1080p. Works just well for us.


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        With the BMPCC not being a low light camera, I wonder how they get those beautiful night shots without any additional artificial lighting.


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          With proper workflow BMPCC could be great low light camera. And it actually do low light better than BMMCC because it don't have FPN. And it is not depends of ProRes or RAW. The main trick is always use native ISO800, grade in LOG timeline and apply noise reduction BEFORE adjusting Expose (gain node in linear gamma).

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