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Capture One 7 Pro Grade of BMCC RAW footage

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  • Capture One 7 Pro Grade of BMCC RAW footage

    Found some RAW footage posted to fstoppers by a photographer named Brian Bowden. The photographer is charging $5 for his clips which I refuse to pay. And I am restrainig myself from scanning his download directories for the files. The grade he posted to YouTube was less than optimal. The creator has since pulled it and posted another less than optimal grade. But, fstoppers had some of the RAW footage on their boxes.

    Thanks to Andrew Julian who gave me the idea of trying to grade BMCC footage with an image application. After watching Trip to Mexico by Andrew, I wanted to try and grade with Capture One since he did his footage with Lightroom. I like the RAW converter in C1 7 better than the Lightroom or Photoshop ACR converters. It worked Pretty easy too. I like the look better than the grades with Resolve. It looks like RAW editing instead of a Photoshop Filter. If that makes any sense. The clip is short and may or may not be safe for your workspace. But, I like the grade. Let me know what you think.
    Jon7athan Studios

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    I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time concentrating on the grade....

    Anyway, all 3 are very good, given their intent. If I said anything it would be that the bright blue areas in the cool grade seem about 1-2% too purple for me (yes, I'm OCD with colour casting). The warm is great and the first has that muted fashion advertisement look.

    Thumbs up.


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      Christmas gift? The only thing i could ask myself was, "Is this the cam ops gf, or a model?"