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BMPCC4K Footage "Bubble Gum"

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  • BMPCC4K Footage "Bubble Gum"

    Hello guys. Many people have asked for a shot with more organic lenses and low-light tests. This time, I shot a few fashion style images with model Bonnie Lee in Seoul! (Instagram @iambonnielee)

    Vimeo Link:

    RAW 3:1 4K DCI
    24fps Project / 60fps Off-Speed
    ISO 400, 1250, 3200, 5000
    Samsung T5 SSD through USB-C
    DJI Ronin-S
    Metabones EF to MFT T Speedbooster XL 0.64x
    Shot with Contax Zeiss MM primes: 35/f2.8, 50/f1.4, 85/f1.4, 135/f2.8 + Hoya Pro NDs
    95% Ronin-S / 5% handheld.

    Naturally, when footage of a new camera is out, there is a lot of technical talk as everybody is curious about the camera’s performance. I was convinced about that during my first shot with this camera called “Seoul Zoo”. My mission this time was whether I can use this camera practically in my work, which mainly consists of fashion and music videos. I wanted to see how the image looks when paired with a set of world class vintage primes such as the Contax Zeiss. In addition, I wanted to test how the camera works with stabilizers, in particular the recently released DJI Ronin-S.

    I wanted an environment that is colorful but at the same time organic. I have chosen an abandoned theme park in Seoul. The various rides offered a variety of colors and interesting scenery but at the same time, the decades-long decay offered a beautiful and organic color palette. I wanted the model to pop-out of the colorful environment so a white bodysuit was chosen for that purpose. The sunglasses were placed on the model’s head so there is a reference for reflective highlights.

    During the first shots, it was mostly cloudy but still very bright in a hot and humid day. After the stairs part, it was sunset time which favors a lot the skin look and color. I shot against the sun hunting for the aesthetic Contax Zeiss flares at the same time stressing the dynamic range of the camera. All shots up to that were at ISO400. I used sparklers in the dark scenary in order to illuminate the model and check how the camera responds to low-light conditions. I have used ISO1250 to 3200 for those shots and they were shot right after the sunset. I was really surprised that I could still see the sky and many background details in-camera where I could barely see where I was stepping with my eyes. The shots came out clean without significant noise. Finally, the last two shots were taken at a later time and were illuminated only by the hanging Christmas lights and signs. They were shot at ISO5000 and had minimal noise for such a high ISO.

    In this shot I have used the Metabones 0.64x Speedbooster. I have only used the 35mm slightly in the beginning then the rest of the shot was mainly on the 50mm except some quick handheld shots with the 85mm and 135mm. Being used to Super35 “crop” factors it was very interesting to see this wider FOV at 1.21x “crop” related to Full Frame photography cameras. Therefore my lenses were much wider and with a shallower FOV than what I am used. I found it very pleasing and useful.

    I definitely prefer the look of the Contax Zeiss lenses on this camera compared to the Lumix 12-35 that I have used at my “Seoul Zoo” shot. They have rendered motion in a very pleasant way and there is more contrast detail and color definition than my previous shot. They lack the modern digital character that the Lumix had which for this kind of shot it's a good thing. While they are sharp, they are also organic and of course offer what is in my opinion one of the most beautiful out of focus and bokeh renderings. I feel that pairing the Pocket 4K with such lenses results in a very pleasant and organic look.

    There are several ways to mount the Pocket 4K camera on DJI’s Ronin-S. I have mounted the camera using an extra plate and I could use my ~300gr “gimbal” lenses just fine. For heavier lenses counter weights should be used. Alternatively the camera can be mounted upside down without the need for extra plate or counter weights. Finally, using the Ronin-S was a great way to test the rolling shutter of the camera. I have found it in par with its big brother, the Ursa Mini Pro and not disturbing at all.

    This time I have used a single Sony BP-U60 battery via a dummy LP-E6 adaptor. The camera was on for about 3 hours and consumed about 50% of the battery. This battery offers 114.5Wh vs 13Wh of the Canon LP-E6 batteries. I estimate an average 14Wh battery consumption. Do mind that the screen brightness was at 100% and there was an SSD connected via USB-C.

    Normally in this kind of fashion shots, I would use some softening technique for the face and the skin but as I understand people are curious to see how the image of the camera looks without any processing, so I left it intact.

    Thank you for watching this video and reading this information! I will be posting further footage and tests as I keep working with the camera more and more and discover its perks and peculiarities.
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    I need surgery to re attach my jaw.
    Well done!!


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      IMHO the best clip so far - exactly what I was hoping for.


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        The dynamic range is amazing! Did you use a reflector during the sunset scene?


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          Do you need to use a IR cut?


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            Well...... THAT'S a winner.
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              Originally posted by rizibo View Post
              The dynamic range is amazing! Did you use a reflector during the sunset scene?
              No, no production at all. One man job

              Originally posted by Taikonaut View Post
              Do you need to use a IR cut?
              I used Hoya Pro NDs. Didn't see an IR.


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                The night shots are looking pretty good! I like a dirtyer image though so I would throw a lot of grain on that. It still feels way too sharp for my taste, so I would be throwing on some diffusing filters like the pro mists as well. If only shooting film was cheap or create a digital back for an actual film camera I would be set.


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                  Very nice footage!! The image definitely looks better with those lenses, I can't wait to put my Leica-R glass on this thing

                  And thanks for sharing all those details. Very interesting stuff.

                  I'd be curious about the gimbal thing. How does the Ronin-S look with the extra plate? I mean: is it extending range backwards or sideways? And is it an official DJI piece or a DIY thing? You mention you can mount the camera without the plate by putting it upside down; given that the Ronin-S has a tilted axis that gets out of the way, is it possible to mount the camera looking backwards?
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                    Ah, check it out - somebody used a .64x SpeedBooster, and it seems to have worked just fine.


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                      Well done. That shows a lot of the Camera´s versatility.
                      I really like what I´m seeing. Great DR, Reslution, Colors and "that" Blackmagic-Vibe.


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                        I am very convinced about Pocket 4K. This is the camera to have. Just spent 2.5k to Sony A7III uh oh. But yeah, the Sony is a still camera, this is different.

                        Since Blackmagic can now do MFT size this well, much exceeding my expectations, how about how it would look like if they did a full frame camera. Hopefully to a package smaller than Ursa Mini,
                        rather to a Cinema Camera 2.5K size max and not priced like RED / Arri. It could have a chance to be a total killer for every mirrorless camera. Sony A7SIII killer sort of. What could one do with the FF Sony ODM or OEM sensor if one had the features and sensor tuning of BMD and the raw recording. It would be stellar and put 10x higher priced cameras to shame. Anyway, maybe too much to ask for right now, and I will be surely superduper happy with the BM 4K Pocket as well when I get a chance to get one. But one day maybe, BMD could you please? Many many people would be so happy.

                        Another additional note: BMD could you please make a smaller lighter additional screen to Pocket 4K to make it perfect vlogging camera (a dumb screen without any nice features of existing BMD screens would be fine, it would need to be lightweight and inexpensive, a little add on for fixing the absense of flip screen).


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                          Seems to have more DR than my BMPCC. Maybe its the gen 4 colour science and extended video lut?


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                            Originally posted by Taikonaut View Post
                            Seems to have more DR than my BMPCC. Maybe its the gen 4 colour science and extended video lut?
                            While it is Gen 4 colour science (that's the only one you can choose) I did not use the Extended video LUT. It's just contrast and saturation adjustments then a Koji Film Lut at 30%.


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                              Love the footage.

                              Hmmm. Just a suggestion. Why not move all the footage threads to "FOOTAGE"?
                              And not in "General Discussion". There will be a lot of more Pocket 4K Footage coming out.
                              So lets move it over to Footage.