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Footage from our newest video, let us know what you think!

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  • Footage from our newest video, let us know what you think!

    After literally months of procrastinating on my latest youtube upload I have finally completed my newest video. I went through about 20 different lighting and camera setups that were all, if I'm being honest, generally versions of the same thing. On the plus side, I'm extremely happy with how my footage looks and wanted to share my video. The video content may be a bit basic for some users but If you're looking for an overview of slow motion editing in final cut x, it's a pretty good watch IMO.

    The other footage that you see in the film was shot with my iPhone 7, as well as my Nikon D7200. Editors should easily spot the DSLR and iPhone footage distinctly. Also take note, I upscaled my footage to 4k before uploading to youtube. At 1440p the clip looks much closer to how exported 1080p footage looks before youtube compression. So in a strange, roundabout way, 4k footage on youtube looks almost as good as H.246 1080p footage does on my computer or tv without compression. I just can't stand watching footage on my tv in crisp, clear quality, then once you upload to youtube the 1080p footage looks like a watercolor painting.

    The talking head was shot with my BMPCC, a Metabones Nikon to BMPCC Speedbooster and a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 lens. I lit it with a 48"octabox for my face with tungsten balanced bulbs, then created the backdrop lighting with two blue lights, two small leds, my two computer monitors, the one in frame serving as a practical as well as 4+ other practical and led accent lights. I also used a black flag located camera right just out of frame for some extra shape on my face. I then white balanced to tungsten in camera and shot in prores HQ @ 23.98fps. I colored and edited my footage using Final Cut Pro and the built in color correction tools. Very little was required to get the look you see as the lighting did almost all the work.

    I shoot these segments in my 10x10' office filled with equipment, an L desk and computers with barely enough room to place a camera so it's been interesting to try and setup shots that don't look flat and uninspired. I'll be rolling with this basic lighting and shooting setup for my future videos which I hope to now roll out at a steady pace. Your thoughts and feelings are always appreciated