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Carnaval Netherlands, BMCC, Sigma Art 18-35mm, Speedbooster,Hoya filters,ProRess1080p

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  • Carnaval Netherlands, BMCC, Sigma Art 18-35mm, Speedbooster,Hoya filters,ProRess1080p

    Hi BMCusers, last week I did a quick camera test during the Carnaval in my city (Hulst, Netherlands).

    Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k mft
    ProResHQ, 1080 25p, Metabones Speedbooster, Sigma Art 18-35mm, Hoya filter ProND 16, Hoya IRCut, Tiffen Blackmagic Hollywood 1/8.
    Edit in Premiere CC, grade in Premiere CC, with Lumetrie Col., X-rite Colorchecker passport video, Lut: Kodak 5205 Fuji 3510 at 78 intensity
    (not a professional colorgrader, did the best I could do with the time I had, spare me)
    I made one shot with colorchecker for all video. Imported the clip in davinci, saved as Lut and used that in premiere on all clips for basic correction. Then added Kodak Lut, wich made white a little yellow, didn't like it. Whitebalance corrected via eye of the guy looking into the camera. Added 5% noise to whole video. (grey noise)

    Export settings: Pic Profile: high, level: 4.2, Framerate: 25, render at max, bitrate: CBR target 40, Max render Quality on.

    I don't have a mosaic filter yet, because I'm waiting for the version 2 that should come out soon. (update: news has it that they are shipping!)I really need one, moire is pretty visible with these kind of buildings. Good test tho and that was what it was all about.
    Still not happy about youtube compression, I got these settings from youtube source. Next time maybe film in 30p?

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    Perry, it doesn't play on my iPd Air.


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      Hi Rick! Great to hear from you. Oh, thats to bad. What could be the cause of that? Does it say it's region restricted? Cause it shouldn't be. I checked it. Should all be fine. Anyone else has this problem? If you send me a pm I can send it to your email via wetransfer. That way no youtube compression.


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        Very nice Perry and thanks for sharing. I was just thinking about how ridiculous it is when every time BMD comes out with a new camera that everyone wants to have it. The fact is that new camera won't help in making a nice and cinematic image if the user just doesn't know anything about being a creative cinematographer. IMO, some of the best images I have seen are taken from BMCC, BMPCC, and URSA Major in 2K resolutions. They stand out over those fancy URSA 4.6K URSA minis. They're shot right is what I can say. I would shoot using a BMCC at 2.5K anytime over an URSA 4.6K. I think the BMCC has the closes color (or color science) to that of an Alexa.


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          Ah tnx EYu! Yes, I love the BMCC, when the mosaic filter can get rid of most of the moire it will be perfect. The raw at 2.5k is about 5gb per minute so backup is ok, at 4k it goes skyhigh. For me thats a biggie. Shot my first feature on the 4K BMPC, and we shot ProRess because of it. I prefer 2k, 4k in my opinion is too sharp and the DR is good enough on the BMCC. I always leave the BM Hollywood 1/8 filter in the mattebox. And then still I feel like adding grain. Reframing is nice of 4k, but the 2,5k is enough to reframe 1080p for me. Also, the fictionfilms I make are played at cinema's that all still have 2k scope projectors, so also there there is no need for 4k. I rather shoot raw in 2.5k then 4k in proress because of filesize. Only thing I miss is higher framerate recording. So I'm thinking of buying a micro that shoots 60fps at 1080p to compliment the set. The Ursa mini Pro 4.6k is a killer camera, but not needed for my type of work yet. Maybe in the future. The 2k at 120fps sounds interesting. I remember from a few years ago "The great camera shootout" done by the guys from Zacuto, they tested the Canon 5D MKII and were amazed how close it came to 35mm film. that was HD, so I think I'm good for now with 2.5K in RAW, that was in that time unthinkable for this price. Also some guys on youtube teste the BMCC with a 16mm camera and all went for the BMCC cause they could get very similar results. So it's the pure indy filmmaker camera to me. It fits my personl budget and it fits my movi m10 prefect, the 4.6k's won't fit and weigh more.

          The great camera shootout (2011 and 2012):

          BMCC vs Kodak Vision3 16mm

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            Totally agree with you analysis Perry. I kid you not but even the URSA with a sharp glass like the Sigma art 18 - 35 can introduce moire.