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  • Turkey 2015


    This is so far my third video made with BMPCC. Really enjoying the camera, yet it really requires a lot of work in post and being thoughtful and plan ahead during the shot.

    Will be grateful for your feedback and comments (sorry about too many lens flares!).

    All the best in new year!

    Camera: BMPCC
    Lens: Lumix 12-35
    Soft: Resolve 12.5

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    Really nice images, but (as you already mentioned) the "artificial" lens flares are way too much and simply too distracting.
    Beside that, nicely planned. Good fade/slide to black for example.
    On most shots you obviously used a gimbal of any kind (may i ask which one?).
    Than there are some shots that look weird because of the camera shaking. I would stabilize them.
    To sum it all up: nice work!


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      Thanks for feedback!

      Well, just before starting up with this video, I discovered the wonderful composing mode in Resolve (both alpha nodes and plain composing) and since I got some Rampant footage...I couldn`t resist
      I dont like effects for effects only myself - yet I felt I need to play with them as much as possible, so next time I`ll be full of them, and wont repeat it. As Michael Bay did in Star Trek, heh.

      No, no gimbal - everything was shot handheld, and stabilized whenever possible in Resolve. No tripod/monopod either.

      Again, thanks for feedback!


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        Yeah - this is great!

        Really dig the music choice too.

        Also, maybe try replacing lens flares with cross-dissolves on some of your cuts. That might be more interesting.
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