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The Eagle Huntress - Award Winning Doc featuring Pocket and BMPC4K

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  • The Eagle Huntress - Award Winning Doc featuring Pocket and BMPC4K

    I saw this documentary at a local theatre today and it was simply outstanding. A MUST SEE. Incredible cinematography, gorgeous scenery, inspiring true story. Later, when researching it, I was delighted to find that it featured the BMPCC and BMPC4K (in addition to Red and Canon Cinema cameras). Some of the most gorgeous shots (in my opinion) were captured with the Pocket on a drone. The Mongolian mountains are spectacular. In the theatre, they were simply breathtaking, I had no idea it was a pocket! The best part is the grade is virtually seamless (completed in DaVinci Resolve).


    ASC article (spoilers):

    Cinematography featurette:

    Seriously. Go see it. I was blown away, regardless of cameras used.

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    I remember seeing some of the earlier or preliminary footage from this production... Drop dead gorgeous.

    An amazing story, and some unbelievable locations.

    (On a tech side, it is one more example of the Olympus 12mm on a Pocket being one of the absolute best drone combinations ever.)
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