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2016 Demo Reel & New Years Resolutions

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  • 2016 Demo Reel & New Years Resolutions

    Hey ma, everyone's doing it!

    Here's my 2016 reel. Feel free to rip it apart and critique as desired. 2017 I plan on taking less corporate work and more narrative pieces if I can. It really helped this year pass by quickly.

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    Looks good, Tommy! The lighting on your narrative work looks nice and naturalistic. Since you only have those couple of corporate clips in the middle and at the end, maybe you can just cut them and make it a 90 sec piece? The talking head stuff takes away from the cool cinematic vibe of everything else in my finite opinion. But still quality work overall! | My Reel


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      Thanks for the feedback Kyle. I toyed with the idea of leaving the corporate stuff out, definitely wanted to keep the Globetrotter in there though mostly for nostalgia I'll make a cut sans corporate gigs and see if I like the vibe. Only real reason I included it in the first place is because some corporate gigs are fun and I wouldn't mind doing more stylistic commercials in the future. But maybe that doesn't translate here. "make the reel for the work you want not the work you've got" or however that saying goes.

      By the way, I really enjoyed your reel as well. I love the style you've got going. A lot of those shots gave me the vibe of Nolan's The Following or Run Lola Run.


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        Tommy, liked the reel, especially the narrative bits where no one is talking since we don't get to hear the dialogue. Might be interesting to try a version with no soundtrack other than that which belonged with the clips shown or duck the soundtrack when there is dialogue and keep it for the other parts.