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NEW BMCC footage found on youtube, grab your popcorn

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  • NEW BMCC footage found on youtube, grab your popcorn

    Hi Guys/Girls,

    I was just looking for some recent footage of the BMCC I own myself as well, I think it's always nice to see what other people are doing with this camera and how well they have learned to handle it after it's been out for a few years.
    I still see many use the camera without IRcut filters, in my opinion this is a must for this camera. Also a lot of footage has pretty heavy moire so I think I would say a mosaic filter is a must with this camera to get the best out of this camera. I myself am waiting for mosaic to release their version 2 filter that includes IRcut. That sounds like a great add-on.

    Anyway, as I saved the video's I liked I tought I might as wel share it here. Maybe some is not as recent, or the best ever shot, but they were new to me. Grap some popcorn and enjoy the footage from BM first baby. (most is shot with the sigma 18-35mm as I typed that in the search engine as well, since I own that lens myself, so it has my preferred interest)

    This was shot on a BM fam. : URSA 4K, BMCC 2.5K, BMPCC:

    And here some BMPCC video's:

    URSA Mini 4.6k :

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    The last 3 aren't shot on the BMCC (BMD cams though).
    Darren Scott
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      First one was dope.
      my work


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        Originally posted by jambredz View Post
        The last 3 aren't shot on the BMCC (BMD cams though).
        Haha..that's why I put such nice titles above the last video's��but I understand the mixup because of my intro and maintitle�� And yes Mr.Kofa, the first one is my favorite as well��


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          added 2 more video's: One shot on BMCC called "La Mariée" and one on BMPCC called "The Universe", maybe this one was shown here before, since it was shot in 2013, but I was really impressed. It was def. been inspired by the later films of Terrence Malick. Really well done.