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UM4.6k short film "Fun on the Midway" - plus matching to DJI X5R

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  • UM4.6k short film "Fun on the Midway" - plus matching to DJI X5R

    Managed to bottle some lightning with this piece. It started out as a low-light test of the Ursa Mini 4.6k & DJI X5R and also to see how well I could cut them together - and then it got a little out of hand.

    All done with permits, insurance, no flying over people, no flying after 30min past sunset, etc etc. 80% of this was shot on the UM4.6k at 60 and 120fps, all raw 4:1. The hyperlapse sequences were made with the X5R on the Osmo (raw 4k), and then post-processing those clips in Resolve with maximum motion blur, and then making another layer of much more heavily blurred footage (using ReelSmart motion blur) and comping those two layers together so the less-blurred footage is in the center of the image, etc. A Sony RX100 was used to capture the 3 shots of the fireworks from the flying chair ride, and a Nikon D4 in high-speed burst mode was used for a couple of the fireworks shots to create a pixelated motion effect. Fairly involved grading task in Resolve because I was shooting between just-before-sunset to about 10pm and wanted to provide at least a relatively consistent lighting feel. Lots and lots of windows, big tracking job. Was shot over 3 nights.

    If the 4.6k gets enough light the image quality is so great. But underexposed, as y'all know that's another story... it can be challenging. That said, Resolve is amazing at being able to push and pull those files around, and I'm happy with the result. And as it turns out, the X5R and Ursa Mini 4.6k play really nicely together when you shoot in Raw on both and process using BMDFilm for both. Kind of remarkable.

    I really enjoy doing this sort of thing... wish my commercial projects could be this fun.
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    Captures the fun all right, Gary!


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      Nice editing man!


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        Thanks Rick and Aaron! Was fun.


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          Man that was some awesome editing!


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            Thanks! You can imagine how weird it is to get an edit like that into Resolve and then back to FCPX. I ought to write an article about how to do that accurately. Convoluted but doable.


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              Fun video but man that's some kickass editing. I might contact you in the future if you are available for freelance work
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