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And a crodfunding video for another feature. Not asking for money!!! :)

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    Originally posted by jambredz View Post
    Why not use your current Ursa if you want 4k? You guys need the better sensitivity and DR of the BMCC or something?
    Yep, we wanted a base ISO of 800 and at least 13 stops. Since most of our next shoot is indoors at that location, we just won't have the time to light the set as much as I'd like and still feel comfortable though I did pop off some RAW stuff from the URSA as a test and it came out pretty good though it has a ton of NR and then re sharpening in it.

    4K_1.1.2 copy.jpg
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      Man that pic turned out like shit above. Compression, gotta love it. Anyways here's the video in motion. I have no idea how it was uploaded or compressed but it was shot in HQ.

      Once again not asking for money. This is the only way I know how to view it.


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        Ha ha ha. Forgot about that pic.

        I honestly enjoyed using the URSA over the shoulder with the giant flip out screen.

        Whenever I get a tool in my hand, I grab it and use it in a way that feels comfortable to me. Yes, the screen is HUGE, but I loved it!

        Vic, do you ever sleep? Lol.
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          Ha! That's a GREAT Kickstarter video!

          Very clever!
          And a great professional air at the same time.

          Man Vic, your lighting is smooooooth on this one. Spread it on some bread like BUTTER.
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            Great job the grade...


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              Great Vid all round. Nice work Vic (and crew...who are NOT working for free) .
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