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BMCC Ant-Man short.

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  • BMCC Ant-Man short.

    So I work at a movie theater as a manager and we have been doing promotional videos for films coming out. This is the second episode in the series, each episode about a different upcoming movie pertaining to something happening at the movie theater. Beginning and End did not turn out exactly as I planned had to rush this a bit as the deadline was tight but the outside fight I think is some of my best camera work and editing, Also everything up until about 1:20 was shot on the Ronin-M with my BMCC and Sigma 18-35mm. There are some issues here and there but in the end I think it is some of my best work I have done so far and the more I create the more I learn, and man is it hard doing almost everything on your own! Comments and Criticism very welcome!

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    Your use of the shrinking effect was great. I think that was actually the best part of these effect shots.
    The early car scene shot through the glare on the windshield should have been a lot shorter. A quick glimpse at the dark windshield would have been fine to establish the shot, but it felt off to see this long moment of an obscured windshield.
    I would have found it easier to watch if you had more tripod shots; stationary and pans could have worked fine with the rest of the photography and made it easier to focus in on.

    Except for the long windshield shot in the beginning, I think the overall pacing is good.
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      Yeah I was not happy with the beginning and I could not see the LCD screen well and did not realize how hard the windshield was to see through, I should have got some extra coverage of the dialogue but as I said we we're rushed. A huge learning experience for me though, I really appreciate the feedback! For my first time with green screen work I feel it came out decent, not exactly as I had imagined but okay none the less!