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Test of the Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 Super16 on BMPCC

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  • Test of the Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 Super16 on BMPCC

    I repost the Vimeo text :

    "A quick test of the Zeiss Super Speed 9.5mm T1.3 S16 MK1 made on the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. I find this lens really impressive for his age! Very sharp but keep that cinematic feel. It will be my main lens for doc, shorts, all Glidecam works and i think it's one of the best lens for wide shots on the Bmpcc. The Zeiss show a tiny bit of vignettage under certain conditions and the extreme corner are soft, but as the majority of my future works will be in 2,39:1 aspect it's not a problem at all.

    It was shot in Raw and upload directly in DNxHD 444 10bit
    A few info's :
    -No ND filter or any filter/matte box
    -No color/brightness/noise correction
    -No sharpness add in post
    -No LUT
    -It's basically the footage straight from the camera
    Song : Polar Stratospheric Clouds//Project 5am
    Shot in Charleroi, Belgium"
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    Hey Hardev, what conditions cause this lens to vignette?
    I've been wary of the 9.5mm, but your video suggests it's not nearly as bad as some say.
    Thanks for the post.


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      Well it's hard to say, as you can see in the 16/9 original video, the only vignetting that appear is on the upper right corner of the frame.

      But yesterday i shot a little video in the hairdressing salon of a friend, and for this i try to screw the lens in the opposite way in the Arri B adapter (thinking perhaps it can also "move" the vignetting, or avoid it) and surprisingly i actually can't see vignetting in any frame.

      Look at these frames of the footage :




      So it's hard to speak about vignetting, perhaps the simple screw change with the Arri B adapter help or perhaps it only appear when stop down, but actually it can't be described as a "problem". The only problem is the sofness of the extreme corner but it's not huge.

      I need to use more the Zeiss for a better answer.


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        Nice one, thanks Hardev.


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          Thank's froess really appreciated