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BMPCC short, jungle and river footage

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  • BMPCC short, jungle and river footage

    All rokinon glass, speedbooster, hoya pro nd
    shot raw and graded in resolve

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    Looks like it might be really good but there's some serious ghosting problems there. Not sure if it's a render or timeline problem. Did you try to do any post slow motion?


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      Like the color at the end
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        Very pretty. Use something nicer to render your fonts on the title cards though - I'm always seeing pixelated fonts in amateur/student film projects and it's a real distraction when they pop up, no matter how good the preceding footage is. As this is pretty minimal perhaps you should consider fading those titles up and down over the image and then cutting to black for the final title. Also make the title larger, much larger! It's not obvious that it's a trailer. You don't need 'based on a short story by...' in the trailer - it's just confusing and I rewound to the beginning because I thought I had missed something.

        In terms of pure footage, looked really nice - good framing, nice color, rich texture. Particularly loved the sunlight on your actor's back at 00:30 and the sunset reflected in the water around 00:40.