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My Rode Reel Submission Filmed Entirely on BMPCC

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  • My Rode Reel Submission Filmed Entirely on BMPCC

    (*Sorry that my first post for whatever reason didn't work properly - let's try this again.*)

    Hey guys!
    I'm an award-winning teen filmmaker and I released my latest short film this morning, which I wrote, directed, filmed, and edited. It's a 3-minute action film about how when a hostage situation quickly escalates, the only ones able to stop it begin to ask themselves if there's more going on than what they see...

    It's a really neat film with an incredible concept. We actually teamed up with the local sheriff's department, police force, and airport to pull this off. One shot required us driving parallel to a landing aircraft at nearly 100mph. It was a fantastic experience, and I'm pleased with the way everything turned out. This was my first time using the BMPCC on a short film, so I would appreciate any feedback on the technical side. I used a Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5 asph. prime, a Silk brushless gimbal from XProHeli, a Rode NTG2 mic, and a Zoom H4n audio recorder.

    The majority of awards from this contest are actually audience choice - so if you do enjoy the film, I would be honored if you would support my hard work with a vote and a share. Thanks for taking the time to check it out - I truly hope you enjoy it.

    "What You See":

    Let me know what you think: what did you like or didn't you like? What could I maybe work on in the future?
    Thanks so much!
    All the best,

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    I am laughing so hard over the production value that's in this. So outstanding it's ridiculous. Well done!

    On a different note though I didn't feel the audio made up for awkward composition and editing. There were a lot of cuts between angles that were really similar, and I get the feeling you might not have had the time to think about composition and how you framed your shots - Just remember to pay attention to how you frame what's in front of the camera and read up on how you can use various composition techniques to further the story you're trying to tell.
    And it's so important to nail the audio since good audio can save less good cinematography (but not vice versa).

    This said, the overall production value is amazing. The fact that you managed to pull all of this off shows great promise.

    Tobias N - Gaffer / Cinematographer


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      I'd leave out the award-winning teen filmmaker next time. It comes off as pretentious.
      Other than that, the short looks great. Have to agree on what Tolin said. Production value was over the top for such a short clip.
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        First of all, the production value of this short-film is great and the efforts shown here is overwhelming for a short. Story wise is not clear since it is too short to expand the story I guess (due to time limitation for the RODE entry).

        On the audio part, I think there is a lot of echoes in the indoor shots where the villain threaten to kill the hostage.

        Well done overall and keep up with the good work in the future.

        Thanks for sharing too.


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          First off, thank you guys for watching my film and giving me feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to do so. It means a lot to me.

          This is my second short film and while I know that there are quite a few things I can improve on in future projects, I did my best to make this film look as big as possible - and I'm proud of the hard work that went into it.

          With the "award-winning teen filmmaker" part - I'm sorry that that came across as pretentious - that really wasn't my intention. I found that far fewer people pay attention to me long enough to find out what I can do when I answer the question about how old I am with "14 years old". So, again, sorry for the way that it came across - I just wanted to grab people's attention.

          Thanks again for the feedback and support! I wish you guys all the best.


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            You are 14 years old? Gotta be kidding me!!


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              Yep, 14.