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1st client video with my BMPCC

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  • 1st client video with my BMPCC

    Hey guys,

    I did a promotional video for very cool initiative from a graphic designer. It was also the first video I did with my BMPCC for a client.

    Shot with the BMPCC, Metabones adapter to Nikon and a Sigma 18-35

    And a few screen grabs:

    test met voice-over.Still020.jpgtest met voice-over.Still023.jpgtest met voice-over.Still024.jpgtest met voice-over.Still025.jpg

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    Sweet !
    I like its natural flow.
    CC is pleasant also.


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      Wait...I don't understand what I just wasn't cynical and profit driven.

      I thought it all looked very nice, and the image flow matched the narration and music flow.

      Hmm....actually made me think. Interesting.
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        Thank you guys!

        @ DPStewart. That is right, it is a non-profit based initative from a graphic designer who likes to connect people and tries to spread a positive message into this world. Simply because we see enough bad things in the news everyday. That's what inspired him to create this project, and that is what I liked about him. A good guy with a good heart.


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          Loved it! Great initiative as well !


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            Lived and studied in Groningen for 6 month, really great city
            For my taste the film could have been edited and told a bit tighter but really like it!