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My First Pocket Cam stuff screengrabs

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  • My First Pocket Cam stuff screengrabs

    EDITED TO ADD: First "sorta trailer" for the flick


    Way back in whatever year that was, I was on the Adorama preorder list for a Pocket Camera, and then about the time they started trickling out, I canceled my order and did basically nothing for however long it's been since then.

    Recently, though, I was trolling around eBay and bidding on various Pocket Cams, and I was the high bidder on one with a bid a good deal lower than I thought would win. Within a few days, I had a very well cared-for Pocket Camera in my grubby little hands. I was already in the process of putting together a extremely low budget feature here in Dallas when I got the Pocket Cam, so I decided I would go ahead and use it. And the other day for the first day of production, use it I did (I really should have taken more time to test before I shot, but the whole movie is kind of a test anyway).

    A few screengrabs:

    I know they are not amazing or great or awesome stills that will change your whole life or even make it onto a list of great looking Pocket Cam shots, but I thought I'd share anyway. I shot in ProRes because I didn't have any acceptable cards that could do RAW (and I still need to figure out a RAW workflow and get over my general cowardice), and I just threw a quick preset "grade" on them. I used a relatively cheapo Nikon lens that came with my wife's D60 however many years ago that was, and I had some trouble with focus, especially since I didn't have an external monitor attached (I have gotten one since).

    Overall, though, I'm really impressed with this camera. I can't believe this is something that can be had for this low of a price. And now I feel bad for my camera since it has to shoot my half-assed stuff instead of the stuff of someone with talent and an eye for good visuals.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share. Feel free to bring forth the hate.
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    Nice man! Get into raw, its worthy any time and efforts


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      Some More Grabs from a different night... Used a Rokinon 14mm Cine lens and had an external monitor this time. Still ProRes HQ. Quick preset grade that will need to be toyed with.


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        Let's play Wheel Of Fortune and guess what he was writing on the notepad.
        Is there a C in there?


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          Vanna does indeed walk over and turn over the 'C'. I believe that means you get to spin again.


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            More grabs. Starting to get the hang of using the camera.


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              More grabs. This was using a Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens.

              These last three were in available light at the St. Paul DART Station in downtown Dallas.


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                The pocket camera is an amazing tool. Unmatched.


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                  Pretty close to finished opening scene:



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                    Added a (sorta) trailer. See above.