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  • i should have specified that when i said i can go to macys and measure patterns, my point there was about wardrobe limitations for actors. of course all the factors you mentioned come into play, but what im more generally looking for is where the
    so called safe zone is with this sensor. far away shots arent as much of a concern since they're that much less of the scene, it's the mediums and closeups that would be very apparent to the audience if artifacting shows up all over a shirt. hence my question of how tight of a pattern shirt can one wear when being shot with this cam, when being shot from head to toe and closer
    Darren Levine

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    • have you dowloaded the tokyo DNGs ?

      You get a very good impression IMO unbelievable wide clarity and sharpness (but a bit of wide zoom look) and a bit of moiree, nothing like the 5d3 in any shape of form IMO



      • Originally posted by razz16mm View Post
        I don't see any issues with the 5D video that haven't been issues with Canon DSLR video since day one. They are by their nature very limited in the kinds of shots they do well compared with any decent quality real video camera shooting a high quality 4:2:2 video codec or better.
        Do you guys even know what 4:2:2 means? It doesn't change the shots you can do one bit. The only real thing it does is make it easier to greenscreen and do keying mattes. Everything you see on the web and tv is 4:2:0. If you don't change anything about color edges anyway, it doesn't matter if it originates at 4:4:4.

        Besides, according to you apparently even the FS700 is not a real video camera as it shoots only AVCHD at 4:2:0. I shot with the FS700 and the 5dmarkIII this weekend. There were shots on the FS700 which broke a bit (flashes broke the encoding) but were fine on the 5dmarkIII all-i encoding. Funny.


        • Wow, I was going to get a 5DIII, but this really shows how compressed the 5D footage really is.