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URSA sports footage from a football game - 60FPS

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  • URSA sports footage from a football game - 60FPS

    I'm had an opportunity to film this state championship game between two rivals from the sidelines. I decided to rent the URSA locally and give it a whirl. I have a BMCC and have used it to shoot a lot of football footage this year. The rolling shutter is always an issue as is the lack of high FPS. I think it turned out pretty well, could have used some more lighting, and definitely needed a better tripod. This thing is really is heavy. I had a transfer cart setup and and constantly swamped out CF 2.0 card and dumped them to external drives, the 128g cards were holding about 7mins of footage. It also ate through some batteries. I set my my project rate to 29.97 and my sensor rate at 60 and the audio did not record right using an external mic. In FCPX, the audio would cut in and out or not work at all (Could be my settings or lack of knowledge) Keeping focus was very difficult but the focus peaking worked very well. The big screen was actually very nice to have in this situation. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the footage and having the global shutter made things so much more usable. In the last 30secs of the video you will see some rendering errors from Resolve (I think), not sure what causes that but it is something I'll have to investigate.

    I shot everything in 4k ProRes HQ @ 60FPS at 800 ISO. I used a Canon 70-200 IS f2.8 and kept my aperture around 3.2.

    I did a simple BMCP 4k LUT in Resolve and adjusted the WB and color, some of the clips are a little warm.

    It was uploaded to YouTube in a 4k ProRes LT export.

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    That was nice ranger!


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      If you had multiple cams to always be where the action was it would be as good or better then what I've seen on tv.

      Of course, TV footbal is highly edited and technical these days.


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        Wow! That was shot at 800ASA?

        That looks just great and seems like FPN didn't bite ya in the butt. Full Screen in 4K on my 27" monitor looked just fantastic.

        The whip pans made me cry

        How many memory cards did you fill?


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          That looks VERY good...and I'm probably the least sports-interested person you would ever meet. Gorgeous image!