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Music Video - 1st BMPCC Shoot

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  • Music Video - 1st BMPCC Shoot

    Ordered up a BMPCC on July 20th and since haven't heard anything from BH yet, so I went and rented the BMPCC for 2 days and shot this since I couldn't wait.

    Shot in 2 days on a Blackmagic Pocket camera in RAW and a Panasonic GH3, using the Tokina 11-16mm and Rokinon 35mm. Lit with 3 iKan LED lights. Can you spot the BMPCC/GH3 shots?

    Overall I'm VERY impressed with the Pocket. Learned a TON about DaVinci with just this piece..and I'm super pumped to get my BMPCC. Let me know what you think!

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    My only real critique is the focus is all over the place...and no, it doesn't look like a stylistic choice.

    Other than that...its a rap video and it looks like one.


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      GH3 on the steps, everything else BMPCC?

      I enjoyed it. Liked the grading. Personally also liked the focus - seemed like a choice to me. Nice work!