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BMPC4K at ISO 800

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  • BMPC4K at ISO 800

    I've finally got my own BMPC4K and I'm now in the process of getting to know it. Because Philip Bloom wrote that the native ISO of the camera is 800, I've used the camera at that sensitivity exclusively since I got it and from what I can tell, that seems to be the case.
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    You got some nice shots in there with some lovely colour. How good is global shutter- it really is this camera's WOW factor for the price.

    The native ISO is 400 isn't it?


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      I believe 400 is the native asa. You definitely got a good bmpc. Mine is awful at 800. I would see some fpn on the shot of the dog for sure since there is a decent amount of shadows.


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        The camera's native is 400.

        Rating at 800 shifts DR toward shadows.

        If you were "rating" it for a certain ASA with a meter, then 640 would actually be a healthy place to be. 800 would force you to underexpose the sensor, not likely a good idea, but it's also forcing people put Skin where it wants to be, so incidentally you're doing a "better" job of exposing the camera.

        Exposing properly at 400 would do the same thing.

        After the recent update, as long as I'm not jamming the camera into the ground 2+ stops, it's completely fine at any ISO setting.

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          Originally posted by caleb_camera View Post
          I believe 400 is the native asa. You definitely got a good bmpc. Mine is awful at 800.
          Is that the case with the latest update?

          There was a 400 vs 800 discussion based on Phillips comment here:

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            Awesome footage! Would you mind posting a couple stills of your uncorrected footage?