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"Just that Simple" - ahall - SpotFest entry

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  • "Just that Simple" - ahall - SpotFest entry

    Here's my entry for SpotFest.

    Directed by Aaron Hall
    Written by Aaron Hall and Mika Rekai
    Sound recorded by Andrew Reid
    Thanks to Chase Hart and Mark Matusoff

    Andrew Frost
    Mika Rekai
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    Nice concept- Your actors were pretty spot-on playing that out.


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      Well done, Aaron. Entry cleared for judging. Nice work!
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        Man, I'd punch that guy! Heheh. Talent did a good job. Nice modern Arri-log lo-con look, solid staging, well exposed. Well done!


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          Oh this is good!

          I love a really good snarky guy any day.

          Actually hits the mark for promoting recycling too.

          VERY good.
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            Very nice- They have to be from some sort of comedy group right? They had some pretty spot-on chemistry. Nice spot!


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              It has that nerd lecture vibe that turns people off and makes them dislike nerds.
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                This is solid. Great performance from the actors, especially the guy and his crazy rant.

                Really nice editing too, and good timing for the comedy!


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                  Thanks everyone. The lo-con look wasn't intentional, I have to say. We had a 2hr window after a rainstorm and before sunset to shoot.. I was hoping for a nice sunny day look, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise! I rushed the color grading and sound too because of time constraints, but overall I think I'm happy with it.
                  Our lead actress bailed at the last minute, so the writer stepped up... Luckily she and the main actor are friends and I agree, they have good chemistry. No comedy group, just two talented people helping me out. Thanks again everyone.


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                    Nice job! The actors did great, especially the nerdy guy who seemed borderline obsessed / crazy. I thought your framing, variety of camera angles, and editing were very good. It seemed like the background sound and noise levels would change on cuts, maybe a continuous background audio track running under the whole thing could have helped even that out? I'm not a fan of the low con look but I didn't find it distracting from the spot. It did feel a little preachy to me but you did get in a lot of recycling stats. Overall a great spot.
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                      Apologies for the late commentary here.

                      Yeah, the actors did a really nice job! The writer did a nice job stepping into the role at the last minute. These "nerd lectures" can quickly get grating but this one worked for the most part. It may have worked a bit better shorter but I'm not sure which facts you could cut. The grade seemed to drift slightly throughout the piece but I only picked up on it after watching a few times. There were also a few rough audio transitions at video cuts.

                      Overall, the chemistry between the actors and the snappy edit made this fly. Nice job cramming all those facts into such a short runtime!


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                        The actors turned in a fine performance. I wanted to believe the 'know-it-all' was perhaps a professor. "What are you doing here, Dr. Deign?"
                        It could open possibilities for gags, props, story twists... I'm not sure I understand the look. The umbrella pass at the end might be a clue. Go with what nature gives you. If she hasn't learned the lesson a consequence may be catching her in a downpour. Consider it production value.