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"Recycle! It's simple." Spotfest entry by townio

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  • "Recycle! It's simple." Spotfest entry by townio

    Here is my entry:


    Antoine Mellinger
    Kristin Vannieuwenhoven
    Logan Vannieuwenhoven

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    Nice work! Cleared for judging.
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      Love the colors in this! Very clear and straightforward spot. The handheld work felt solid, too. No shakies. I can imagine seeing this on TV. There was one little camera bump when you were placing the various kinds of recycled objects on the table(?) top in front of the grass, but other than that very tight.


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        I personally like PSA type spots to be a little more upbeat or energetic than this - but that's personal taste.
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          Pulling on the heart-strings works! I like the reminder that we don't just need to recycle for ourselves- but for those that we will leave behind.


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            Another one that treats the general audience like children, talking down to them.
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              I'm talking to the child inside of you Joe


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                Really nice. I liked the vivid colors, and the tabletop timelapse effect was especially well done.


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                  I like the more saturated colors in this one. The mom and son's clothes fit in with the overall color scheme too, was that intentional? Sound and music was also good. The main thing that stood out to me was the shot of the recycle items on the table. The color went from this nice bright, golden afternoon type of look to a darker muted blue. I felt it kinda brought the feeling of the spot down a notch. The next shot of the mom putting the box in the bin was similar but not as blue. I really like your ending shot with the mom and son closeup.
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                    Apologies for the late commentary. Hey, it's the other kid one!

                    Really well shot and nice message. The colors were vivid and really worked well together. The camera movement and audio were well done.

                    I don't know if it was the music or the tone of the voice over but I wanted a bit more pep like some of the other commenters. Otherwise, really well done!


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                      Pleasant and easy to watch. The product 'pop-on' insert did not hold to the look and feel of the mother and child footage and would not have been missed.
                      A handheld move across a picnic blanket and basket could display many of the recyclable items and still look sunny and beautiful.
                      I wanted to hear the natural sound of the environment and the giggling of the child.