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  • "Recycle for the Future" BTS

    Hi all,

    Thanks for holding this contest! I thought it would be fun to document my process here in detail. I have to admit to being a tad weary of getting unwanted feedback or having an idea stolen. But in the end, those are really small and insignificant concerns. I learn so much from BTS posts and want to see lots more and hope my oversharing can help encourage that.

    I'll break down this production into a bunch of loose steps and write a post on each:

    1. Get an idea and turn it into a story
    2. Solicit feedback and pitch to crew and actors
    3. Turn the story into a script and storyboard
    4. Finalize script, storyboard and production details
    5. Shoot
    6. Edit
    7. Take aways

    This is the first time I've ever entered into a contest like this and I hope to learn a lot. I'll dive into lots of details because of that.

    1. Get an idea and turn it into a story

    I'll write this out in a semi stream of conscious style to illustrate how my spot started as an idea and turned into a story over a couple iterations.

    I started by trying to think of different ways recycling occurs and how I could make a spot that would be a bit different. I also tried to come up with an idea that could be executed under the real life constraint of having a baby due on June 19. Is there a way to integrate the new baby into a novel concept for recycling? There it is - I have a three year old daughter and she could meet her baby sister and "recycle" one of her one of her old onesies to her. The only problem with that idea is that the baby is due after the contest is set to end. Plus, I'm not sure my wife would be open to me working on a video project immediately after the baby gets here. She is supportive, but that's probably pushing my luck a bit too far. Hmmm...

    I like the idea of the older daughter recycling something for her baby sister. My daughter does know the baby is in mommy's tummy so maybe I could use that hand me down idea and have her place a piece of clothing on momma's belly. That might even be cuter than the original idea! Plus, I could probably frame it in a way that keeps all the action at our apartment. My wife would definitely appreciate being able to stay home. Plus, I could pitch to her nesting instincts to decorate the kitchen that will serve as my set.

    Let's try turning this into a story:
    Idea 1: Very pregnant mom teaches daughter about recycling bottles. The girl gets ready for bed and takes her clothes off. Instead of throwing her clothes in the hamper, she takes it to her mom and puts it on her belly. "Can I recycle clothes for my sister?" Mom gives a happy look and kisses kiddo. End with the recycling logo and text "Recycle for the next generation"

    I take a couple days off to let the idea simmer. I come back to it fresh with some comments.

    1) No clothes coming off!
    2) It needs a connection between the teaching and the daughter's recycling action.

    Idea 2: Very pregnant mom and daughter are sitting around the kitchen table. Daughter is eating something out of a recyclable container. She finishes and goes to throw it away. Mom stops her and says that can be recycled. They wash the container and put it in the recycling bin. Mom explains how recycling turns old things into new things for other people. Daughter runs away and grabs a shirt out of her hamper and runs back to mom. She places the shirt on momma's big belly and says excitedly, "Recyling for baby!" Mom beams down at her daughter in pride and gives her a big hug. Cut to white screen with the recycling logo and text / voice over, "Recycle for the future"

    Alright, I like this idea. It hits some nice thematic beats and I can execute it in my apartment with equipment I already have. I have a talented friend who could help with the shoot and come up with a score.

    Next post - soliciting feedback and pitching the idea to the wife and crew!

    Thanks for reading,