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05-24-2014, 04:30 PM
Hello guys , i just discover scope box today and i am exited , i believe this is the best way to monitor your video from your black magic cameras. You just connect your camera to your mac (unfortunately there is no pc version) via thunderbolt and you have everything that a professional monitor can offer , and even more.
You can have all the scopes,you can load Luts!!!!! zebra, letterbox markers, focus assist and you can even record directly to your mac in a variety of formats,monitor video in hd Oh and you can have audio meters!!!
I know that its not perfect solution for every situation because you will have the camera connect to the laptop all the time but for studio purpose and controlled environment (short films,commercial) i believe its a must have. I would love your opinion about that, i thought it was worth to share with you because i believe it will help a lot of black magic users.
If everyone knows another app that can communicate grate with BM cameras please share it to :)

Some links about Scopebox
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOeowRP ... FuJQKoTZ_2

05-24-2014, 04:43 PM
Yep, it's been out for awhile now.