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Jorge De Silva
03-13-2014, 04:36 AM

Hello guys, this is the new small project that I'm involved! Let's all help!

-> https://wemakeit.ch/projects/tschaggatta?locale=en

Blackmagic Pocket + GH2 + GH3 and maybe gh4 & bmpc 4k for when the shooting begins ;)



In the dying 19th century, a young botanist undertakes a trip toward the unknown, to identify new species in the heart of lands yet familiar. During her journey, the mountain will reveal its hidden face : the Tschäggättä.

The project:

Melina Costas, an art director with a number of short films under her belt who takes her first shot at directing, has always nurtured an interest for tales and legends. She discovered Tschäggättä masks hanging from chalets’ walls while vacationing in the Swiss valley of Lötschental as a child. Years later, she’d come up with the story of a young adventurer searching for rare plants in a remote valley.

Tschäggättä (pronounced «Tshah-gah-tah») are typical folk characters in the Lötschental. They are tokens of an old culture whose origins, tracing back beyond the 19th century, remain mysterious and undetermined. Melina Costas has decided to interprets this mythical creature as an allegory for spring and as a strong masculine figure.


Support US! -> -> https://wemakeit.ch/projects/tschaggatta?locale=en

Thanks Guys!

Jorge De Silva