View Full Version : Looking to "Apprentice" to any DP's in NYC

03-10-2014, 11:14 AM

I'm embarking on a very DIY/indie film, a doc of my own creation, and I have a small nest fund to get a top notch BMPCC rig. I'm very excited to be in this position as I've been developing the project for months, and obviously I'm doing lots of reading/watching videos/experimentation, but I'm looking to get some hands-on experience and have a real live person to ask questions. Promise I won't be annoying. Is there anyone in the NYC area who could use an assistant? I'm not looking for payment... actually, I'd be interested in coming up with some kind of deferred stipend for this person as a kind of "Consulting Cinematographer" fee on the doc project (pending funding, of course).

Let me know!