View Full Version : Cinec v2.7 with hevc encoding on release next week, encode to h.265 on windows pc's

Tony Hernandez
11-17-2013, 01:45 PM
I announce that cinemartin release a new version of its acclaimed cinema conversion software for windows, cinec, that supports encoding to prores, and now supports ingesting or convertin from prores and other supported compressed codecs, this entry next week.

Most noticeable & significantly is support for H.265
You'll be able to encode videos to HEVC, easily, and, converting videos to RAW format (new on 2.5) first, as indicated before, you'll be able to convert videos from one compressed codec to another: like from dnxhd to prores, prores to dnxhd, prores to hevc h265, etc ..

H265 conversion requires some cpu power but on our tests we achieve good results, even with a modest computer.


Cinec Pro sells for 199, have quadcore support (4x core cpus multiprocessing vs 1x on Std) and i recommend for BMC users due to support for CinemaDNG support, cause it also allows to encode from CinemaDNG to a more friendly Prores or DNxHD.

Its a windows software and there's a trial on website.

Tim Hole
11-18-2013, 11:23 PM
That's pretty mammoth Hermandez, will download the trial and shunt some footage through it later on in the week. Be great for online, naturally, but I might put it through a 2K projector and see how it holds up on a big screen too. Do a side by side,with my usual h.264.