View Full Version : Cinematographer who wants to be The Cinematographer required (London)

07-14-2013, 07:29 AM

Okay cryptic title, let me explain and see if this works for you...

I'm building myself up to shoot a micro-budget feature (or if I'm lucky to get more than currently then it could become a budgeted feature).
I'm not planning to rush and make it, I want to improve my directing and writing and develop my own style.

I'm wanting to find a DoP who wishes to develop an instinct to know how to shoot people (i.e. actors) contextually as well as possible, using all the tools of cinema. So this means working closely with the director and being pro-active in your own vision to not only assist but to define a *look*. This look will probably have to vary per scene.

These are the tools I have currently and more coming (like cage, shoulder rig etc).

Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT
Metabones Nikon G MFT Speedbooster
Nikon Nikkor lenses, Tokina 11-16mm
Steadycam (can't remember brand but a good one from China)
Professional tripod (Viglen)

I'm holding workshops, working with other actors and there will be other directors there with their stories. So you could easily collaborate with any of the other directors and get involved in their projects. Full details, including address, of the workshop here (http://www.nonmultiplexcinema.com/?p=796).

The first workshop takes place this Wednesday in London from 6pm.

The workshops are informal so you get to explore, experiment to your heart's desires. Of course, if you have other equipment to bring down, feel free. And the workshop is *free* for DoPs.

Send me an email to workshop*at*nonmultiplexcinema.com