View Full Version : Studio limbo lighting

05-10-2013, 04:31 PM
He guys,

i got a studio shoot coming up with a fs700.

i would like to discuss some lighting options, style wise we are quite limited since it's a limbo.

The look in trying to achieve is for the wides a light fall off/vignete, with hard rims (backlight)
For other scenes i would like to add highlight rims (coloured)

My main concern:
Creative lighting, what are the options?
in my mind is right now:
- 2500 hmi (key fill, with 1/2 diffusion, 1/4 cto)
- 2 kino's 2 banks (for fills)
- 575 backlight hmi/ some small stuff.

Base ISO of the fs700 is 800, will it reduce DR when i lower the iso?
HMI lights & sensor, will it cause CA fringing, like it does with cheap dslr's?

We have some heavy slowmo's is a 2500hmi enough? (200fps)
any other tips/suggestions??