View Full Version : LOMO Anamorphic roundfront F=50/2 type 35BAS22-2 , PL mount , ARRI gear rings

03-26-2018, 05:58 PM
For sale LOMO Anamorphic roundfront F=50/2 type 35BAS22-2
Lens recently serviced has no problem , glass clean and clear , has no fungus or dust inside , multicoating fine not damaged , mechanism of movement smooth .
For request of buyer will fit Imperial marking Focus scale or Focus scale marked in Meters .Lens has support for heavy lenses with thread 3/8"
For additional payment can offer Internal Focus module - $ 2000 , this unit can put above on LOMO anamorphics roundfront F=50,75,100 - diameter of Focus gear ring 130 mm , after mounting Internal Focuse module on lens front of lens static - NOT rotate and NOT movie forvard and back in matte box , diameter of front 110 mm .
I am attach photo with anamorphic lens F= 100 as a sample - Internal Focuse module designed especially for LOMO roundfront F=50,75,100 - easy for installation , lens NOT disassembled , during couple of days I am add video test , you can find it on You Tube
Method of payment PayPal or Bank Wire transfer
Delivery by Express mail EMC with tracking number.
P.S, - always has in stock Focus scales Imperial marking for LOMO Anamorphic roundfront
You can order from me any conversion LOMO anamorphic - for example to replace original rear part anamorphics F= 35/2, F=50/2 , F=75/2 , F=100/2.8 on another rear part with optical block from Fast lenses F= 35/1.4 , F= 50/1.2 , F= 75/1.4 , F= 100/2 - Cooke , Leica , Zeiss ,Canon


Price of lens $ 12000

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