View Full Version : Ronin Package plus Cinemilled extras and extra Batteries!

03-20-2018, 03:09 AM
On offer here is a Dji Ronin (original) in perfect condition with a bunch of extras. Only used on set twice. Comes with 4 batteries, remote controller, remote Thumb controller, Cinemilled base plate, Cinemilled universal mount, Cinemilled steadicam Mount, Ronin factory extensions for both arms, and the Ronin Ring from DJI. Includes original case, power supply, Allen keys etc. This is a great package and im only selling to focus more on editing equipment.
Open to trading for a Wacom Cintiq 27 with touch, or a Dell canvas.

https://image.ibb.co/hDAUUc/21_FA3_BA9_8_DB4_413_F_8_B21_A33_DAFE2_A8_C8.jpg (https://ibb.co/niEChx)
https://image.ibb.co/j89dNx/7_C270919_0670_48_B0_AAD8_1604_F1_C6_D499.jpg (https://ibb.co/gJOSFH)
https://image.ibb.co/k8POpc/705_D247_E_2_B64_4_CBE_A2_B6_522_AFA253_E00.jpg (https://ibb.co/gunb9c)
https://image.ibb.co/gAzpUc/D20_EE296_9_DB0_4188_A1_B1_B3815371_F788.jpg (https://ibb.co/cRDuvH)
https://image.ibb.co/iLgEvH/B2_A09402_DC36_4_A6_A_827_F_5_D83_EAF35151.jpg (https://ibb.co/e53SFH)

03-21-2018, 05:16 PM