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11-27-2017, 08:46 PM

Excellent condition, originally purchased new in 2016, latest firmware, and proven to be solid and stable, Kinemax is Kinefinitys flagship, top of the line camera, 16 stops of DR, using Golden 3k. Everything works as it should, has been babied, used on 10 or less shoots. Shoot near full frame with the Kinemount speed booster on S35 sensor, use full frame lenses and gain a stop of light. 6k, full frame, and high frame rates like 4k at 100p.

Never rented, always stored in water tight case.This is by far the best bang for the buck out of any cinema camera available. I love this camera and its image so much.
I went from the Red Scarlet MX, to the Kinemax. It CRUSHES the Red Scarlet MX in every way. Thats a bold statement but it just does. Its much closer to
the Dragon sensor. With a very organic look. Hate to say film look, but its got that thing. Im only selling because the new company im working with a lot, uses all Canon, and i need to switch to a C300mkii
or C200 now. Kind of a downgrade i know, but i gotta eat. Otherwise i would not be selling. Any questions please email me larry@mindseyedigital.net or text/call me 480.703.4031. Ive got over 1600 positive
transactions on ebay, a few on BMUSER and REDUSER, and Reverb, so buy with confidence.
retail cost
Kinemax 6k $12800
6k unlocked
high frame rate unlocked
latest firmware
Kinenhancer EF mount (shoot full frame on S35 sensor) $700
Kinegrip $400
v-mount backplate
Foldable top grip
top plate
Smallrig evf/monitor mount $200
Smallhd 701 monitor $800
2-vmount 150kwh Power U batteries $400
1-Ikan V mount battery $200
1-NP battery for monitor $50
3-batteries for grip
1-v mount charger
1-charger for grip batteries
2-Sandisk 480gb SSD, rec 6k raw with no issues $600
1-SSD drive to USB 3.0 adapter
1-Sigma Art 18-35 f1.8 ef mount lens $800
cables for power/camera/monitor/hdmi etc. $150

Everything you need to make amazing looking footage a half hour after opening the box. A similar Terra package would cost you $14,000 new!

Total new cost is close to $17,000!

Selling for $7600US for entire package, $7200 without monitor, $6700 without monitor and lens.

Buyer pays actual shipping and paypal fees or send as gift, or bank wire transfer.

You will be stoked on this set up, it operates like new, no issues and delivers extreme high quality results.